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  1. IF any nations are interested then Please contact me or Mallues in game or PM here
  2. Thanks for the inspiration from your artwork! 

    seal complete smaller.png

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    2. ICBMsworks



    3. GenGin


      Did you make your pictures yourself?

    4. ICBMsworks


      No but my nation is inspired by the movie 'the purge'

  3. @Stian for the people that dont have steam why dont you do 1x 100 dollar visa better
  4. Today is the day ladies! @Stian what is ur decision?
  5. Many people would be surprised of mine
  6. mallues was doing something i asked of him under my orders as my IA secretary and Vice president. he did his job and found multis, which was his objectives. you cannot possibily think that the mods should ban him ban him he is doing a public service. Leave mallues alone please.
  7. You got him pretty red handed trent Gg
  8. Thank you Vice president Mallues for your outstanding job in finding themselves multi account in our alliance. Please @Stian, @Jacob Grox, or @Trent loom over these people
  9. okay thanks @Stian
  10. @Stian if there is a reset will the players that bought preimum keep it or is their money refundd or naw i just want to know thx stian
  11. @Samoht is KoP in APEX?
  12. @Stian @Trent @Jacob Grox could u plese just ban his IP? I hate all of this Bullshit
  13. yes what fdas said is true
  14. im DEAD! DUMBASS!