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  1. Oh wait my bad nvm turns out I had cookies turned off😂😂😂😂 we are good it loads up real fast
  2. Issue: Nations wont load, the word nations keeps bouncing Device: Samsung Galaxy S7 Os: Android 7.0 Nougat Browser: chrome 56.0.2924.87
  3. i got 7.0 nougat for my S7 it works just fine smoothly
  4. damn you hit me with the facts @Samoht GG
  5. Naw I actually don't agree but Gg mate. Good idea riq. 😀😀😀
  6. I was making a point. You kept making reasons on why not and it seems that some people are misunderstanding that he is making (in his own words) " little to no oncome"
  7. @Stian Kool I can use my android pay! For my S7
  8. I'm sure Stian will figure it out he just need time
  9. I have to say my part in this matter. A lot of people don't understand that Stian barely makes money off the game. And whatever money he makes he probably spends it in keeping it online. Additional options for premium subscription benefits will surge in new premium subscriptions. I agree with @Stian and I think this should be incorporated
  10. Why you got negative reputation on the post it was supposed to be comedic lol I got chu I upvoted
  11. I actually like this idea but I hope what Stian is saying is true!!!
  12. IF any nations are interested then Please contact me or Mallues in game or PM here
  13. Thanks for the inspiration from your artwork! 

    seal complete smaller.png

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    2. ICBMsworks



    3. GenGin


      Did you make your pictures yourself?

    4. ICBMsworks


      No but my nation is inspired by the movie 'the purge'

  14. @Stian for the people that dont have steam why dont you do 1x 100 dollar visa better
  15. Today is the day ladies! @Stian what is ur decision?