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  1. I agree with this post @Andrzej Duda Academi might is able to help. Dm me or my commander mallues for more info on this subject. RACISM MUST END
  2. Well. Tir was nice while it lasted.
  3. Good luck m8 trying to beat my Commander. A couple of days ago he annexed someone, and got compensated by 5 other people on the enemy team. By the way 10/10 that was really dank of you to say that.
  4. Anytime!
  5. Kop was ome if the strongest alliances in 1.0 they were really nice to people and had good relations with many. Very powerfull. K.O.P means knights of petram @theSummit
  6. @PhantomX I will support you 100% of the way. You are a good ally. Even tho you won't be staying with Academi as our SECDEF we would love to be the best of allies. Best of luck phantom.
  7. I did😂😂😂 but I can't provoke ut. I only have a picture when I reached 1 billion.
  8. There is a reason for why stian removed it. 1.0 had a problem of Hyperinflation. By removing the system it made the Currency in game more valuable and harder to get. In 1.0 people made more money then they actually used. A t1 nation could have 1.5 Million GP by just have coins. Names no sense. Although I do personally miss the Dm trade. we as players still have to think about the consequences of having thus. I don't approve. But if stain could make a version where the amount of money and things you can send is limited then by all means make it happen. But as it was in 1.0 to be readded? Hell no.
  9. ok then!
  10. yes tough i can see. a little to OP hehe first image VS. second mage
  11. @Drpopkorne what is your nation?
  12. @Stian i implore you to please fix this issue. how can 2 secret service memeber 1 hit my troops? i lost three to two! here is the battle. https://app.nationsgame.net/battle/193
  13. didnt go well for them hehe thanks for the compensation
  14. Remeber Retekan. It says . It's as of that date.
  15. Nice job on recruitment mate. GOOD LUCK