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  1. ok then!
  2. yes tough i can see. a little to OP hehe first image VS. second mage
  3. @Drpopkorne what is your nation?
  4. @Stian i implore you to please fix this issue. how can 2 secret service memeber 1 hit my troops? i lost three to two! here is the battle. https://app.nationsgame.net/battle/193
  5. didnt go well for them hehe thanks for the compensation
  6. Remeber Retekan. It says . It's as of that date.
  7. Nice job on recruitment mate. GOOD LUCK
  8. @Stian i feel compelled to express my gratitude to you. this past year and a half has been a reall thrill. im glad that 2.0 is coming out but at the same time 1.0 will stiill have a place in my heart. Goodbye 1.0 UF
  9. I Play, bf2(sadly no multiplayer),bf3,bf4,bf1,GRW, no cod games(they suck), All TWD games by telltale,For Honor,GTA,Mc,ALL the resident evil games,most modern fallout games,halo 3ODST,Halo reach,halo guardians,The last of us remastered,CSGO,saint rows i got more just couldnt think of more.
  10. Oh wait my bad nvm turns out I had cookies turned off😂😂😂😂 we are good it loads up real fast
  11. Issue: Nations wont load, the word nations keeps bouncing Device: Samsung Galaxy S7 Os: Android 7.0 Nougat Browser: chrome 56.0.2924.87
  12. i got 7.0 nougat for my S7 it works just fine smoothly