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  1. and also how are you goint to get that many GEMS!
  2. wow that looks sick @Stian
  3. im a good person so i sent a gift!
  4. lol ok boo you do you
  5. what is the difference when you change the rank of a person in the alliance from secretary to secretary general?

  6. you over priced it a little bit
  7. @Stian could you at least reduce the time in the next update?
  8. Thank you that's what I wanted to know
  9. @Stian I wanted to know do u now have an estimated time for the t11 update
  10. ok thank you ill do it ill talk to you in game
  11. @koru i can do it
  12. true today i bought like 85 expand borders!
  13. @President of Dynin400 per is fine please
  14. Who ever has this card in regular or foil version ill be willing to pay what it takes to get it please someone sell it!