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  1. "My Lord, the enemy has launched a full scale invasion in Ryatzka, and our forces there are calling for reinforcements. Rumors have it that there is some form of supertank among the attackers." The King pauses and thinks for a moment, and then says "Well then, prepare the Hound, and call up our best units, it's time to go to war." 20 A-10 Thundebolts, 20 F-35 Lightnings, 5 F22 Raptors, 50 RMT-7 Medium Tanks, 100 RLT-4 Light Tanks, 10 RHT-12 Heavy Tanks, 10 Stryker Class Battleships, 4 Tycorra Class Aircraft Carriers, 20 Styron Class Heavy Cruisers, 50 Destroyers of various class, 4 full Divisions of GEAR Infantry, 2 batteries of 2K22 Tungustas, 4 batteries of Tanks Destroyers, 4 Squads of Navy SEALS, 15 divisions of Infantry and The Hound, a powerhouse of a tank, commanded by the King of Terek Himself sets sail for Ryatzka.
  2. Well, I would recommend suing for peace. The United Flock of Quackers is a part of a pact incuding the Iron Horsemen, the League of Nations and the Knights of Petram. This pact includes a MDP, so I suggest you avoid war at al costs.
  3. A unit of MQ-9 Reaper drones are deployed to strike targets in Incan Ryatzkan territories, hoping to slow the Cuban's offencive.
  4. Terek finally realizes what's going on, and deploys 2 divisions of GEAR Infantry to aid it's ally the Incan Republic in the Cuban Empire, smashing through everything that stands in there way.
  5. OK, 100% NOT adding you.
  6. I will try.
  7. Signed.
  8. Yes, but Fegeleinball sounds better than Yokosukaempireball.
  9. OK, here it is! I couldn't figure out how to make it just a picture, so it's a video.
  10. Send me a PM with a script, I'll look into making it.
  11. I am going to make a nationsball, and if it goes well, maybe more than one!
  12. Update, requirement for Knight is now tier 3.
  13. The KoP is now recruiting! We are looking for 2 Grand Masters and 15 Knights.
  14. Or maybe I have just decided not to get a credit card. Weeeeell..... Then there is the nation named @ with the same flag you used to use that joined recently....
  15. Awesome map! As for the culture thing, I don't think getting rid of eating Eagles is a bad thing. Remember, not all native cultures are good, such as one native culture the kingdom of Terek came across, that practiced cannibalism.