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  1. I'll be with ya in a minute!!!
  2. Can you use battle juice on you football team @Stian?
  3. Hello, I am (or was) Hailfire, (that was my 1.0 username, my 2.0 username is PhantomX) and I noticed that recently the Mod team has had Trent and Jacob Grox go inactive, leaving @Samoht ( Whom I would like to commend for putting up with my constant reports on possible rule breakers and the like, and for always taking appropriate action on them) and yourself to moderate Nationsgame. So, I would like to apply to become a Moderator, I can post my application here or if you would give me an E-mail address(I changed Email addresses recently, and managed to lose track of what your's was) I will send it there. Thanks for taking the time to look at this, I know you are busy with the new update(excited for that!!!), and keep up the good work!!!

  4. (see below)
  5. It unlocks another research thing that allows you to find primal fungus spores, i think. I havn't gotten that far sence 1.0.
  6. Thank you.
  7. @Samoht Here's another.
  8. IDK, but he's right. Breaking the TAC is breaking the law of nationsgame, and if you do this you can expect punishment.
  9. But see, this is just the kind of thing @ would say. Random and mean.
  10. 1: I am questioning how you know this name if you aren't him 2:I never "get ideas", I "have suspicions".
  11. FYI, it's a he.
  12. I agree with you on this one. @NoRmAl, is there anyone who might know you password?
  13. Thanks. 1: no, i do not stalk them. But now and again i go though alliances and see if i can find a few. Hopefully one day i will not be able to find any. 2: Good.
  14. @Stian @Samoht @Jacob Grox Ban plz?
  15. Not in-game. I don't want to voice an opinion and the have people declare on me for it and not be able to defend.