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  1. Infinate trades

    I got one of each trade, exept for uranium and food, and then it stopped.
  2. Infinate trades

    @[email protected]@Stian, I have gotten infinite trades, I use one trade certificate and complete the quest, and then I get another quest.
  3. Can't trade recipes

    @Stian, I tried to post a recipe in the market, and as soon I clicked on trade in market, instead of somethin coming up asking me what price I want to put on it, the screen just goes white. This is happening to @Constatine Madden, @marked56, and @SuperSeb too, maybe everyone, they are just the ones who have mentioned it so far. I suspect it is everyone, as there is nothing in the recipe market.

    OK, Ummm..... 3 DUCKS!!!

    My profile Pic on nations, AND yours!

    18 Cronies.

    Fine. FIVE TREES.
  8. On the subject of rulebreaking.

    OK, my mistake. You were referring to my reply to Qming, which, to answer your question, has nothing to do with you, i was just doing a reply to you and hi at the same time. I mistakenly thought you were denying that that was your post, henceforth my question. I apoligize.
  9. On the subject of rulebreaking.

    Do you deny that this is your post?
  10. On the subject of rulebreaking.

    I would like to know when this all happened, with screenshots. Because when I first heard about it was when you brought it up in the general discord chat when I was declaring war on Legion. You had proof I logged in at that time, and I never once denied that I did, and admitted it as soon as it came up.. Anyone who wishes to do some digging can prove that for themselves. To my knowledge, he never actually threatended to ban me. I like to think that I help to deal justice on this game, so as soon as I heard about this rulebreaker, I sentencing him to a nation reset and a week ban before he could make a new one. It never occurred to me that it was against the rules, and no-one ever said it was until SamohT brought it up in the general chat, during my declaration of war. If it was mentioned before that, @Samoht, I would like screenshots.

    Tree an a haf.
  12. On the subject of rulebreaking.

    That's it, I'm quitting... AFTER THIS ARGUEMENT. Desperate? Why would I be desperate? It's not for fear of being banned, Stian knows I would never intentionally break the rules, and has taken a merciful stance including warnings before ban, one which I have tried to imitate, warning rulebreakers before reporting them. It's not in-game problems, Rowdy and I are kicking butt against Par and Tanzalore. So, why would it be desperation? Because it isn't. I'll tell you what it is. Exasperation. When I got 300k uranium from a glich twice and then got rid of it, no one cared. When I stopped you know who from growing back to full strength after Hasaka collapsed, no one cared. When I stopped Kawaki, no one cared. When I offered my forum account to help post stuff for people who couldn't, no one cared. Even the fact that if @Samoht or @Stian says it's OK I will be giving my account to someone who cannot create one doesn't matter. All that matters is that I broke the rules. Once by accident and apologized for and self punished for it doesn't matter in the slightest to you guys. That's why I'm quitting the forum. You can do all the good in the world, and no one says "thanks or "keep up the good work", but the moment you goof up in the slightest, everybody attacks like a pack of mad dogs. And if you care to continue insisting that it is "desperation" I'll put together a strike force and slap you around a bit, and then we'll see who's desperate.
  13. On the subject of rulebreaking.

    I have stated my case, my proposed and exicuted punishment, and all the facts of the case. I am convinced that those like Villain cannot be convinced by arguments, as they have made up their mind and will not change it to matter what I say. But for those that care about the facts of the case, they are all here. I have decided tha the forum is nothing but trouble, and will no longer be available via the forum as of now.