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Found 1 result

  1. Trade Help

    Alright, my nation's economy is not doing so well, i can't seem to find enough income in my taxes and tax interest, and despite being able to fetch high prices for kingwood, apple trees, unicorn grass, grapevines, herbs, oak trees, and hops, I still don't have enough, and in fact, i'm already running short on these supplies and i'm having to tap into my other resources that are required in factories to keep my stockpile from being depleted so quickly. Well, if I tell you how many money I actually have(legion players, don't tell anyone), you'll think its fine, but i calculated i need $34000 to get a lvl 4 barracks for mortar infantry(i've never invested in my military really)for Ace Of Spades mission which i really can't afford so what can i really do? Any tips? Help?