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Found 6 results

  1. So I'm selling a lot of equipment at around this weekend. They will all be good and cheap, but they won't have buyout prices. Most are rare and uncommon armor, but here's a spoiler of the best equipment I'll selling
  2. i can`t equip my infantry

    Hello. I can`t equip one of my infantry. Appears the message: "Something Wrong Happened" Is it a bug?? Thanks
  3. I've been frustrated from this and I dont know whats the cause of it Here I'll show you. There is equipment here (all of it are unequipped) And when I select a troop and select a equipment There is none. And yet all of them are unequipped Is this a bug? Or I've been dumbminded again? Thanks for reading.
  4. Also, what reasons are behind your choice? The official primary assault rifle of the Palcai defence forces would be the AK-107 with necessary modifications to allow the placement of additional attachments onto the rifle, for its wellknown reliability in all climatic conditions, general ease of handling and for its relatively low cost.
  5. Add Equipment Drop Down Bug

    When you select on a unit to equip an item, a drop down folds down displaying your equipment. My problem is that on chrome I've seen it come up for a few seconds displaying the items and their properties, then abruptly shrink down and become undetectable, only showing the equipment names, kind of like it's scrunching all the title bars into a stack of pancakes.
  6. Noticing the vast amount of keys necessary to purchase the high-tier equipment boxes, I have begun to wonder what the probability of receiving a rare or epic piece of equipment from a common box. Has anyone discovered what the chance is as of yet, or at least a rough estimate?