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Found 17 results

  1. Cows for food

    I'm exchanging food for cows. For each cow you bring me I'll pay 5 food.
  2. Food Inc

    I welcome everyone to invest in Food Inc. Why? I'll give you some reasons : 1. I tripled the amount of funds I was rewarded as everyone else in three days. 2. I have managed to multiply several times my stockpiles. 3. Food prices might raise!
  3. Food Inc

    Food rates and your gain. This initiative is about helping young and older nations that can't produce enough food for themselves. If you are having an excess I'm not going to trade, it would be pointless for both of us. You'd be saving just a few bucks while I wish to help those who struggle with food prices. Below is a list of rates and services according to which you should determine whether you need food supplies provided by food Inc or not. As food industries I have decided to sell food at a fixed 5$ standard price . This is subject to change but should generally be static for a while. This is a price available for every alliance member ( Food industries) and those who have an active contract with me. This price goes down to 0 $ from 5$ depending on the offer you choose. Its your responsibility to compose a contract order. Assistance is available of course. Services : 1. Price fixing Invest in a future price spike! I can secure your low cost food supplies and keep in my warehouse an amount of food to be sold to you cheap whenever prices skyrocket! Case : food prices are going upwards and you won't be able to buy in the future. Solution : I reserve a food supply to cover your national demand at a lower fixed price. Gain : there is no price change no matter what happens to the market, the amount we agreed on is fixed! 2. Commodities exchange Exchange resources for food! Is there a resource you get so cheap that even selling it at 1$ is still profitable? I'm looking forward to buy it! Case : You have a ridiculous excess on a commodity or resource which is generated at a low price? Solution : Get rid of it and MAKE extra cash! Gain : cheaper food and more income by selling commodities! For the time being I'm accepting contracts starting of 10.000 food units up to 1. 000.000 RATES : 1 cow per 200 food sold, traded or saved up for future sales. Extra discount applies on all transactions, higher amount orders and lower prices on tradable resources increases it further! Favorable commodity to buy : Cows, yeah I'm buying cows! Selling cows will bring more food to your nation than just slaughtering this cute animal! P. S.1 : I am considering production costs, market prices and fluctuating rates to determine every fixed price. I'm open for any suggestions or questions. P. S. 2 : Feel free to contact me, I will NEVER sign a contract if it doesn't profit YOU. Your personal gain (depending on many things of course) is at least 12,5% and maximum 75%. For every $ you spend on Food Inc I GUARANTEE profit, most helpful ones will certainly deserve special treatment. P. S. 3: All transactions publicly announced will receive a 3% bonus food supply on any order! You will be asked if you wish to remain anonymous or not during contracting. P. S. 4: simply stated I'm making an extra discount on a discount for a discounted commodity. Your gain is that extra discount and mine is access to cheap commodities. Update : 7/6/17
  4. New alliance

    I am declaring a food initiative to feed poor nations in need of food. Further details will be available to business partners exclusively.
  5. Food industries

    When I created this nation I had in mind the fact that food is present in this game and it's valuable. I believe that food cost may affect prices all over the world. For me it's a key resource. I'd like to focus on that. As Food industries I want to offer low price food to business partners. As return id like to have cheap commodities as well. I am recruiting committed members willing to succeed immense economic growth by following a certain scenario. No forums, discord or any kind of sign up is required to apply. Food Inc leader of Food industries recruiting farmers! Please direct here for more information :
  6. Food industries

    I would like to make an official announcement about the state of Food Industries, an alliance I created just a day ago. The alliance is neutral and I wish not to participate in any wars. I'm peaceful. I like trading and growing on my own. I wish my alliance to become a portal for nations to buy cheap food at early stages. Food Inc
  7. I have built as many windmills and farms as I can. I have noticed a max amount. Is that really something realistic? I know it's to force people to expand and stuff, but is that what would really happen. "Wer'e in an energy crisis. Lets build windmills o solve that because we have no coal!" "I'm sorry we already have 8." If you have cleared land, building materials, and the money for it, you should be able to build it.
  8. NEED FOOD [at least 100k]

    My people are starving! 2.3 million have died in the largest famine by percentage for a Tier 7+ Nation (or was). We've went from 6.1 million people to 4.3 million, and another million have died before. I have around 700k in money, but I need FOOD. We're burning through 1.6k every hour, and we only have 5k. I need around 100k! Either send me the food, or place your food on the auction and have a buyout (That I can afford my budget is 200k). Bottom line, I've lost 2.3 million people in this famine and it needs to end. My nation is Beneria.
  9. Food for consumer goods?

    Hello, I am a small country and I wish to give 5 food per turn for 1 consumer good per turn. If this is a bad deal please tell me. If you wish to alter the deal that's fine too. Thanks!
  10. Cows ?

    I am currently stuck on not being able to collect my food from the dairy production as i do not have cows. I have used over 20 zoologist's items to discover but instead have discovered some sheep and most of times no animals. Could anyone help me how i can get cows or maybe buy them if i can? as my food from dairy is on hold. ?
  11. I have been trying to figure out how to calculate my resource production based on the statistics given in various windows. I will start with the following image: AFAIK, each turn lasts 1 hour which would suggest that my food stockpile will be reduced by 48 pieces every hour (?). I have 6 farms and 5 dairies. Each farm produces 3 food and each dairy produces 8 food. However, you get 1 production unit/30 minutes so 2 production units/hour (?). This means that 6 farms, each able to produce 3 food every 30 minutes, would produce a total 36 food/hour. Additionally, 5 dairies, each able to produce 8 food every 30 minutes, should produce 80 food/hour. 80 + 36 = 116. So my total food production (should be?) 116 food per hour, whilst my economy is only using 48 food / hour leaving me with a surplus of + 68 food/hour. The problem is I'm not 100% sure this is how it works. Can anybody clarify this for me?
  12. food! trade

    i have 6000 pounds of food Im selling. Im selling the food for a total of 6000 coins. 1 coin =1 pound of food . You dont have to buy all the food. If you only want 500 pounds of food, I will sell you 500 pounds of food for 500 coins. If you only want 2009 pounds of food , I will charge you 2009 coins. Keep in mind, I AM ONLY SELLING 6000 POUND OF FOOD. First come, first serve. If someone buy all 6000 pound of food then the sell will be ended. If someone buy 2200 pounds of food , I will still be selling the remaining food that I have left. Pls read the comments.
  13. Metal and food trade

    I would like to purchase 200 metal for 30000 coins. I will accept any amount of metal between 100 and 200. Also I would like sell 30 pounds of food per turn to someone for 30 coins per turn. These are 2 separate deals.
  14. **WE INTERRUPT YOUR DAILY BROADCAST WITH BREAKING NEWS** "Hello everyone, and welcome back to the IBC. Currently, word has spread around Invesia about the shortages of food lately, as it's population keep expanding as well as the gradually higher upkeep of Invesia's military." "Although efforts have been made to control the population growth, the Invesian government issued an official report on how we have exhausted most of the lands animals for food. They state that right now our only food production originates from only 16 farms, which apparently isn't enough to satisfy it's citizens. Even though official requests have been sent through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we have extended our cry for help through our national news network." "To those who read this, know that we have an abundance of consumer goods, so on behalf of the nation I say we are able to trade money and/or consumer goods for food, at any rate and amount. Besides that, I would like to state please do not wage a war with the nation, as our once prospering nation is currently quite fragile. This has been the Invesia Broadcast Network, and we bid you good night." **BACK TO NORMAL BROADCAST** "Oh Jake! I love you, please don't leave..." "This will be the last time you break my heart Michael...," ***Rest of cheesy romance broadcast***
  15. Hey guys Apparently my population is growing out of hand, the first time this has ever happened actually. And my food supplies are running short, several times I came back and my food supplies would be at zero. So I am willing to trade my money and/or CGs for some food. TBH, I would prefer the food shipments are more than 100, and you are welcome to negotiate the price for that. Thanks in advance
  16. Food per turn trade

    Im looking for someone who can do about 5000 food per turn for 4500N$