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Found 8 results

  1. Low on Fuel

    So right now I am having a major problem with fuel, I don’t have any temperate or desert from annexation or colonists, so I’m pretty screwed right now. I’ve just now reached tier 6 so now air is widely available instead of just only having the few F35s from Venland Missions. San Sebastian is loaded with ammo so I’m good on that, but fuel is really, really, scarce apparently. Is their any way to get fuel that doesn’t evolve depending heavily on the market, or colonists, or wars???? plz
  2. Great deals on nationsgame.net for fuel! Get in on the three-day action starting at just over 25k on bids and 40k buyout prices for 100 fuel per deal! An offer you can't miss! But hurry, time's running out! P.S. Does anyone here other than me think people overprice things on auction? I find enough money making REASONABLE deals on auction, I don't see how people would buy some of the stuff on there...
  3. Fuel Trade

    So yeah. I've come into possession of a huge amount of fuel from an event, so here i am. I'm hoping to trade it for money and get my supplies up. Anyone? The going rate is 10000 a turn for 100 fuel. I will lower it (probably)
  4. Buying fuel

    If you want to sell your surplus of fuel, start selling! Looking for 10000 fuel, price ceiling starts at 20 million. The person with the lowest price will have their fuel bought. And lastly, the bidding will end when I feel like the price is reasonable. Good luck!
  5. I need Fuel

    I need Fuel .. Anyone selling some
  6. Basically, some things are messed up. Here's a list: Military/Combat system makes it so that units lost in battle are more valuable than the losses from losing a war Expand Borders providing a cap for mined resource production, driving prices up Money becoming nigh-useless as you progress in the game, causing rampant, unchecked inflation (the UN store solved that, but by allowing players to 'cheat' resources in, so it wasn't a good fix by any means) Population caps also help a bit, but there doesn't need to be a hard-cap for a nation's economic potential Wars take too long to resolve and have little consequence Too high of an activity requirement. Checking in every 9 hours was pretty bad. Every day is also pretty bad. Limited unit diversity and strategy required in combat system Stagnant politics (caused in-part by the problems with the economy and combat system. By introducing more powerful units which drain more resources, but giving players the same resource production potential as before, all that happened was that war has become more costly, and therefore less attractive. War shouldn't be attractive, but right now, even with over a year of preparation, a month-long war would bankrupt all nations.) OP continents, drawing players away from certain ones (RIP Westberg) No way for nations on the leaderboard to lose their status (usually, destruction due to war allows nations to 'cycle' in rank) Only one way to play the game (the tech tree is good, but so is specialization) Construction system, while having timers, allows multiple buildings to be build at once, defeating the purpose of having timers in the first place The auction-based market is bad (just see how the most popular thread on this forum is a way for nations to avoid using the market to trade, the League functions as a psuedo-market in place of the in-game one) Some fixes (in no particular order) FIX THE [email protected]#$ING ECONOMY! Yes, the whole thing is bad and needs reworking. Make 'Urban Areas' into an infrastructure-like system, where a nation can buy infrastructure (at an exponentially increasing cost) with money and allow for infrastructure to be destroyed in battles Resource production and Expand Borders also needs to be reworked, maybe there can be a system where population levels and land limit the number of buildings you can build and buildings could be like mines which produce resources and refineries which refine them into a usable form More diversity between continents (such as different metals to mine, multiple types of consumer goods, building materials, etc. [basically anything to force people to trade]) Make unit upkeep so that fuel/ammo are only consumed in combat to encourage nations to have a standing army (not all in reserve) Even a rock-paper-scissors combat system is better than the monotony that we have right now where everyone uses the same thing no matter the circumstance Research tree (tree) which limits the researches a nation can have, creating nation diversity, encouraging cooperation Some cool ideas which may add more imbalance to the game or fix things, but are cool regardless A map-based system ______ I can't be bothered enough to actually finish this list lol I have to go shitpost in some other forum
  7. Importing Ammo and Fuel

    Can someone pls help import 20 ammo and 30 fuel per turn. Thanks! (Pls post your price)
  8. Looking for ammo but, fuel even more. Post pt offers in this threads and i'll think them over. Uranium would be necessary too.