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Found 1 result

  1. Game guide

    Yes, I know it's early for me to compose one. But who cares? This is a small guide on certain things for tier one nations. Funds, food , loot tokens and market. Funds: In the very beginning when you are still at 50k population you must have a small amount of funds (about 500 or more). Use them to buy card packs at a low price. Specifically card packs like a new dawn when they go on a sale and you get a product of 700 funds for 140. By trading the epic, rare and others you can increase your total funds up to 3 K in just one day! Food: It's worth it producing food at tier one. It allows a great Kickstart if you stay long enough and you can easily upgrade your farms in less than a week game play. The highest average between farms and population is on tier 1. Loot tokens : some say it's not worth it doing missions in the early days. I say otherwise! Opening crates and selling the boosts will bring at least triple of what you spend on units! Market: Watch market prices, figure out production costs and invest! P. S. : this guide is a proof that I'm not trying to dominate, otherwise I'd keep everything secret.