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Found 3 results

  1. The Ivon arms factory situated in Novar, western Palce is approaching the release of its new flagship product, the KB-17 (Kalashnikov Bullpup of 2017) which is currently undergoing its final stages of testing. It essentially is a modernized AK-74 in bullpup format for the purpose of decrasing the recoil for which the '74 is commonly criticized against.
  2. Also, what reasons are behind your choice? The official primary assault rifle of the Palcai defence forces would be the AK-107 with necessary modifications to allow the placement of additional attachments onto the rifle, for its wellknown reliability in all climatic conditions, general ease of handling and for its relatively low cost.
  3. ¿¿¿ Military Structure ??? I have been rather confused at what the best way is to set up my divisions but also what to have in my Divisions. What are the best infantry units or armored units and planes? Should I separate the divisions into armoured, infantry, Air etc or mix them all together? Hope someone can explain clearly with examples etc Thanks