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Found 6 results

  1. Access to metals

    Hi all! I noticed the prices of metals are sky high, and i was wondering if anything can be done to correct it? Perhaps make metals slightly more accessible? As a higher tier nation, I can spare the money to buy some metals for myself. It also helps that Im playing Tind. But for the smaller nations with less money, it's hard for them to upgrade their buildings and build troops. I feel that it's a vicious cycle that keeps the smaller nations from really enjoying their stay in Petram. On a side note, I think everyone would benefit from cheaper metal, including me
  2. Re: Halite, Christmas Tree and Primal Fungus Spore I only want 1 unit of each.I'm willing to pay 70k for each. Offer is up on the market. If you have it, here's some money I'm convinced that these resources are impossible to find.
  3. Food Market Broken

    Someone broke the food market somehow by selling food at 0 coins per unit.. now no one can get the buy now price to work.. could you guys fix that in the next update please?
  4. Since the developers have announced huge plans with regards to updates and implimentation to take place over the course of this year, I have a few questions about them. Are any of these plans to have been said to expand the range of consumer good products? Most consumer goods which can be produced and sold in-game are typically what developing countries would in real life, from clothing to tobacco. Will machinery, vehicles other than automobiles, phone gadgets and other such consumer goods be producable anytime soon? I believe the best experience can be achieved in-game if this game emulates the nature of how countries function in real life. At least as of now prices have gone haywire out of making sense, with metal for example in some cases in the in-game market outvaluing other resources which instead would cost less in the market of the real world. Do the devs plan to fix this issue of value and pricing, and if so, how? I can't help but have a sense that in-game money/gold is losing value while at the same time certain resources gain value at least indirectly as a result. Would it be possible for additional currencies to be impimented, as well as the ability of Nations players to form their own with their own names and exchange rates? Perhaps players could select existent currencies such as the Pound or Rouble for their nation to work by? Will the Market Changes section of the Resource Market tab become operational or removed? Will the ability to rename your capital and create/name additional cities be made available? I understand that implimenting the above could potentially 'overcomplicate' gameplay for some new, inexperienced players. But if done right, these features can become relevant to a player only at the later stages of their nation's development and picked up over time. To some, the game tends to grow mundane and reptetitive over time, but the above could possibly be the solution to this problem.
  5. NEED FOOD [at least 100k]

    My people are starving! 2.3 million have died in the largest famine by percentage for a Tier 7+ Nation (or was). We've went from 6.1 million people to 4.3 million, and another million have died before. I have around 700k in money, but I need FOOD. We're burning through 1.6k every hour, and we only have 5k. I need around 100k! Either send me the food, or place your food on the auction and have a buyout (That I can afford my budget is 200k). Bottom line, I've lost 2.3 million people in this famine and it needs to end. My nation is Beneria.
  6. Dragonisian Open Markets (DOMs)

    Looking for vendors (sellers) of the following goods. I am buying these goods: Metal Offering: 150 per Unit (Willing to flex on this some) Uranium: Offering 10 million for a bulk order of Uranium. Price negotiable. Please contact directly by PM if you wish to deal. Fuel : Negotiable Ammo: Negotiable Looking to vend (sale) the following items. I am selling these goods: Food: 1 Unit for 1.1 money up to 10k units per turn available. Example: 1000 for 1100 money, 2000 for 2200 money. Power: 10k power per turn available. Price is 1$ for 1 power.