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Found 19 results

  1. Can't stop a spy

    I wanted to end a spy in a nation, so I clicked basic on his investment. Then one day after, I saw I'm still paying 50 per hour on him. @Stian why is that happening?
  2. As the title, @Stian? At least I know that colonist cost 10* than expand.
  3. Hello everyone, I have just put a buying order of 1 unicorn grass for 49k on the market. I really need that piece of grass, so if anyone would sell it, please reply here. Huge thanks!
  4. Trade Help

    Alright, my nation's economy is not doing so well, i can't seem to find enough income in my taxes and tax interest, and despite being able to fetch high prices for kingwood, apple trees, unicorn grass, grapevines, herbs, oak trees, and hops, I still don't have enough, and in fact, i'm already running short on these supplies and i'm having to tap into my other resources that are required in factories to keep my stockpile from being depleted so quickly. Well, if I tell you how many money I actually have(legion players, don't tell anyone), you'll think its fine, but i calculated i need $34000 to get a lvl 4 barracks for mortar infantry(i've never invested in my military really)for Ace Of Spades mission which i really can't afford so what can i really do? Any tips? Help?
  5. Taxes vanish

    Hello guys, Earlier today I lost 2k in taxes after my Happiness dropped to -200 when I expanded my land. I was waiting to collect my taxes and I had accumulated 3100/3400 and it vanished down to 1030. @Stian
  6. Can be both existing and fictional, your choice. Mine would be called Guiede (pronounced geed, both singular and plural) with one consisting of 100 khins (keens) , the exchange rate would probably sit on around ₲ 60/$1.
  7. Exporting metals

    The most I can export right now is 40 metals/turn. I currently need money. Comment your offer.
  8. Selling 2000 uranium

    Selling 2000 uranium, bidding start around 50 mill? anyone
  9. Selling 2000 uranium

    Selling 2000 uranium, bidding start around 50 mill? anyone
  10. Uranium Auction!!!

    Dear all, I am currently looking to sell 5,000 Uranium for N$ (or a mix of money, Metal or Ammo) The Uranium will be given to the highest bidder- the best offer wins!
  11. Selling 160 uranium

    Selling uranium, best offer wins
  12. Selling 40k metal. Best offer wins
  13. Guys im looking to buy as much ammo as you got. Make me an offer
  14. Per Turn Metal Trade

    Hello, I wish trade for metal with any of the below Money: 25 Money per turn for 10 Metal per turn Conversion 2.5 money:1 metal Consumer goods: 20 Consumer goods per turn for 15 metal per turn Conversion 1.33 Consumer goods: 1 Metal If you wish to alter any of these deals you may but I must approve it before we actually begin trading. Thank you for you time and consideration. GLORY TO THE MOON! TheGreatScot
  15. HI! I need a alliance for trade partnerships. I am in the tind and have a abundance of metal. I am ready to trade metal for other resources, and would like an alliance that has strong trade resources! Thank you, CUBA DEM.
  16. CGS Needed

    I am in need of at least 100k of CGS. Name the price and we can work it out.
  17. I am buying metal @ 320 per unit. Msg me or reply here.
  18. Hi, How do I earn more money? Please help me, I'm just a newbie. Thanks!
  19. Hey guys Apparently my population is growing out of hand, the first time this has ever happened actually. And my food supplies are running short, several times I came back and my food supplies would be at zero. So I am willing to trade my money and/or CGs for some food. TBH, I would prefer the food shipments are more than 100, and you are welcome to negotiate the price for that. Thanks in advance