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Found 39 results

  1. 🔶 Diplomatic Trade Association 🔶 Our alliance is very active and we care about our members and reputation. We are always looking for new members! ✉️ Contact me at the forum or in-game (andreas.s) if you wish to join or know more.
  2. Re: Halite, Christmas Tree and Primal Fungus Spore I only want 1 unit of each.I'm willing to pay 70k for each. Offer is up on the market. If you have it, here's some money I'm convinced that these resources are impossible to find.
  3. Hello everyone, I have just put a buying order of 1 unicorn grass for 49k on the market. I really need that piece of grass, so if anyone would sell it, please reply here. Huge thanks!
  4. There is a downside to this trading system which should be fixed. Embargo, I wish not to trade with specific nations, can't a nation decide whom to deal with? Rp isn't enough here. And I have good reasons to embargo some specific nations...
  5. Fuel Trade

    So yeah. I've come into possession of a huge amount of fuel from an event, so here i am. I'm hoping to trade it for money and get my supplies up. Anyone? The going rate is 10000 a turn for 100 fuel. I will lower it (probably)
  6. Trade with Peru

    I want to buy building materials (10 per turn) and metal (10 per turn) during one week and sell food (30 per turn) is someone interested? I dont know the amount of money for the offers
  7. I'm looking to have a small perpetual increase on my food, power and consumer goods every turn in exchange for money. would someone trade me about 250 units for 500 units per turn?

    I WILL TRADE 2million coins for 100,000 METAL
  9. Guys im looking to buy as much ammo as you got. Make me an offer
  10. Anyone need 765 damn uranium?!!

    guys im looking to sell 765 uranium, best offer wins
  11. Country name: Palce User: General Ginger Send me a message on Nations detailing the price you demand per unit of metal and/or ammunition. I am currently a Tier 5 nation, so please be realisetic and reasonable with your prices.
  12. CGs PT deal!!

    I need 1000 cgs a turn willing to pay 4k money a turn! Please message my nation https://nationsgame.net/nation/S.S.S./ Thanks in advance!
  13. Im in need of consumer goods atm, if anyone is willing to set up a trade deal ill pay up to 4 per, Thanks
  14. Power PT Agreement?

    I am willing to pay 1.5 money per 1 power. Minimum is 750 Power pr turn
  15. Looking for a Consumer PT

    I'm willing to pay 4 money pr cg deal name your amount
  16. Need a metal pr hour trade

    I need maybe 100 metal a turn I will pay either 250 cgs or 50 ammo pr turn
  17. Ammuntion Trade

    Hello, I am Prime Minister TheGreatScot of the Lunar Republic. I require a shipment of ammunition for my country. I am willing to pay up to $130,000 for ammunition. Person with the lowest deal will get my money. I need ammunition badly so as soon as possible would be nice.
  18. Need Consumer Goods

    Im draining -1,700 on consumer goods by population usage. I have below million in total. Anybody can trade me?
  19. Per Turn Metal Trade

    Hello, I wish trade for metal with any of the below Money: 25 Money per turn for 10 Metal per turn Conversion 2.5 money:1 metal Consumer goods: 20 Consumer goods per turn for 15 metal per turn Conversion 1.33 Consumer goods: 1 Metal If you wish to alter any of these deals you may but I must approve it before we actually begin trading. Thank you for you time and consideration. GLORY TO THE MOON! TheGreatScot
  20. Food for consumer goods?

    Hello, I am a small country and I wish to give 5 food per turn for 1 consumer good per turn. If this is a bad deal please tell me. If you wish to alter the deal that's fine too. Thanks!
  21. 3.5m Buyout I HAVE IT WITH ME NOW
  22. Ammunition Trade

    Trade any amount of the following resources listed below in signature. Ammunition now AVAILABLE to trade. Trading time: 6:30 am - 8:00 pm (Southeast Asia Time) Rate Since Sept. 21, 2016 1000 Money = 1 Ammo | 1000 Power = 1 Ammo | 100 Consumer Goods = 1 Ammo 50 Metals = 1 Ammo | 10 Fuel = 1 Ammo ALSO SELLING: 100 Money = 1 Building Materials 1 Ammunition = 3 Building Materials
  23. Power

    500K Volts of power for sell for 350k
  24. CGS Needed

    I am in need of at least 100k of CGS. Name the price and we can work it out.
  25. Need a supplier

    Need the following things (PT) -Building Materials -Consumer goods -Uranium -Ammo Will pay in -Power -Food -Money -Fuel