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Found 26 results

  1. Hi @Stian and all I want to declare war on a nation, but instead of the "declare war" option, there is only a "considering invite" tab. The player is already a part of another alliance and has no intention to join mine. How can I uninvite someone into an alliance so I can attack? @Samoht @Jacob Grox
  2. So I'm currently at Tier 9 (pop 18 mil+), and after quick look at the leaderboards I've discovered that I can only declare war on 7 nations (including the 3 in my alliance) ... none of which are viable targets as they are all part of large conglomerate alliances that Legion has peace pacts or other written forms of peace assurances with. A prominent aspect of nationsgame is definitely warring - because of this, I had a few suggestions about the tier restrictions placed on who you can declare war on and defend, etc. I understand that this is designed to prohibit larger nations from bullying smaller nations (i.e, Rubidum annexes a tier 2), but in a way I think this restriction should be abolished or at least made less stringent. A crucial part of this game is to be able to get yourself into a strong alliance and form connections with the powerful nations within it - by restricting nations to only declare war on those of the same or higher tier, the gamecreators/mods are depriving larger nations of the fun (and possible resource/land gain) in attacking smaller nations, while also taking away the pressure on smaller nations to ally and protect themselves. The restriction also forces larger nations like me to be unable to feasibly enter wars (you can see that none of the seven other T9 or T10 nations are currently involved in wars outside of defending nations within their alliance). Therefore, I'm asking the gamecreators/mods to consider the possibility of changing up the mechanics of who you can declare war on, whether this be extending the tier range down a certain value (a T9 nation can declare war on T7 nations), or simply abandoning the system altogether - I'm guessing that this will encourage a lot more nations to be more active as war is usually very demanding but also very exciting. With that being said, I hope that y'all can weigh the implications of what I've said and thx for reading
  3. The Union of Fascist States hereby declares that if within 4 hours of this Ultimatum being posted all hostile actions have not ceased against all UFS member-states a state of war shall exist between the the Union of Fascist States and The Imperial Requiem. As it seems at this moment, there will be war; however, in accordance to this ultimatum all UFS member-states and allied alliances are to not begin hostile action towards The Imperial Requiem until 4 hours from now. Please note that this is considered a defensive war with a Casus Belli of Defence of Member-States, and as such I will invoke our Optional Defence Pact with S.P.Q.R. in order to maintain the sovereignty of all of our member-states. That is all for now. If this crisis is not averted, expect a future forum post. ccloughley/Legionary Canada
  4. Recently several of the more important members of the POUN (pi people, puggles, aldren, and such) have gone off on a trip together, yes most of us know each other. This left our alliance open to attack, and a few warmongering scoundrels decided to do just that. Several of our prominent members have left for other alliances and I know I am next on their hit list. I will pause my nation's growth for the time being, so I don't hit 600K and get destroyed. Anyway, back to my point, the POUN needs help. Any help really would be respected, I also want to let every enemy know that I will stand my ground, even as the last remaining member of the alliance. A few examples include my friend puggles, who I am very close with personally, being destroyed by several people with a huge amount of military GP when he was no where near their point. I don't have the information on the nations doing this but you can message me if you're willing to assist. Thank you, and glory to the kongs.
  5. So normally, when a nation is a higher tier then you, they cannot declare war, and all is well. Except for one thing, a nation recently declared war on me that reached the next tier within a few hours. Is this allowed? If so this doesn't seem quite fair.
  6. So I am wondering how do you win a war? And what are the benefits of war? @Stian
  7. How do wars work? It says we have 5 victories, and yet we can't annex or demand compensation. (Our war is the First World War of POUN and UFN)
  8. So I waged war on someone but what happens now? Like how do I start battles or stuff like that????
  9. I do see combat rolls but I don't get how the DR is calculated or how much the base damage is calculated, do anyone know?
  10. Okay, so I tried conquering Eurica for months now. BUT THEY HAVE 20 UNITS FROM AN ALLIANCE. And I cant manage to destroy even one of theirs. So now I have tanks with alot of health and healed completely. Hopefully I can annex Eurica by next month.
  11. VAK expansion plan Expansion details: The decision of Leader Vaktus, VAK is officially expanding dramatically for the first time. Due to overpopulate inside the Great Wall of VAK, people have been living in extremely humid/nonenvironmental urban cities. Yet this is not the main reason for the expansion, VAK is significantly lacking natural resources (metal, sulfur) which effect VAK military upgrade. Effects of non-expansion: Extremely nonenvironmental Broken infrastructure Lack of natural resources (metal, sulfur) Non-upgradable military Terrorism in borders of VAK Leader VAK came up with a plan including fighting off missions, annexation, expand borders, colonists. Plan: Fighting 5-10 missions a day Fighting 1-2 battles a day Expand borders once every week Annex ass much nations as possible (inactive) News will increase throughout the process, soon VAK will be great again. Leader Vaktus
  12. Greetings from VAK leader Vaktus, Currently, my alliance ( are having diplomacy troubles with alliance United Nations ( These troubles include: Intimidation (Ex: They mentioned about nuking us, about military, forcing me to exile Helios (my strongest member) if I don't they will attack us) Stealing players (Ex: Sending messages to my members talking about "1m entrance reward when joining their alliance") Fake alerts (Ex: About me asking them for stuff and never return (which I have), telling my members that there used) Not to mention they are using multiple accounts. (Ex: Curiosia and Curioland) This is a real big threat to me and my members (they just steal one my members just now). If your willing to help your welcomed (and please do it now). Information: Douglasland + Curiosia are the super powers Control Nukes Air based divisions Kylethebeast Really passionated, might attack anytime Please help now! (Donating ~5k ammunition, ~1k oil, ~750 iron, ~1 - 5 uranium) Best regards, Vaktus
  13. Tensions have risen in the Melonian Imperial Alliance to the point that the strongest members, The Confederation of Bakonic States and The Chaffanian Empire have been forced out of the alliance by unfair ruling. "Our two betrayed nations are now forming a union to fight off these new enemies" stated the president of Bakonland in a state of the union address to the Bakonland people, "We will need allies to fight this war. Stong allies." More news will come out when available.
  14. BREAKING NEWS: As the BCU-MIA War/War Against Absolute Salt comes to a close, the proud nation of Bakonland finds itself fighting new enemies. At midnight of the 22nd of November, the young nation of Neblaska 2.0 declared war on the nation, followed by a nation named "GIRTHY CUCUMBER" later that day. "This again? I thought we were done with these plebs" Stated the President of Bakonland on the crisis. Bakonland is currently trying to negotiate with the leader state of the I.M.C., Newfound-land, in an attempt to avoid this laughably one-sided war against the two tiny hyper-aggressive nations from becoming a full-scale conflict between the BCU and the I.M.C., as well as seeking assistance in case the leader or other powers of the aggressors' alliance so choose to help the smaller states.
  15. Imagine my surprise at taking a break from NG, me being friendly I expected no trouble, but upon me checking my account I have 3 active wars. Cease and desist medusa,Mickyland, Xphade and lahantalism.
  16. ¿¿¿ Military Structure ??? I have been rather confused at what the best way is to set up my divisions but also what to have in my Divisions. What are the best infantry units or armored units and planes? Should I separate the divisions into armoured, infantry, Air etc or mix them all together? Hope someone can explain clearly with examples etc Thanks
  17. What happens to troops advancing toward a nation if peace is demanded while they are still advancing? Do they continue and fight a battle, or they go back to the nation where they came from? Thanks, The Turtle
  18. So I am now in a war against a guy who I think is inactive in order to gain some land. How exactly do you end the war and propose/demand annexation? The score is 0-3 in my favor and there are no options to propose or demand anything. I believe that you can only demand something when the score is 0-5, but shouldn't I be able to propose it? Thanks.
  19. High level warfare is ridiculously expensive. Lets crunch the numbers: (I'm assuming uranium is 5.5k per, metal is 300 per, fuel is 75 per, and ammo is 90 per and if the costs are higher than this it just proves my point) Training Costs and Usage of B1s Training costs: 100.02k in metal (334), 1168 in flat gold cost, 7470 in ammo (83), 6225 in fuel (83). In total the training costs of a B1 are: 115,063 gold for 1 for 10 it is 1,150,630. And don't think that if you mined the resources than they're"free". That was a classic miner mentality in this game I used to play (EVE) and it simply isn't true. You could sell it rather than use it which makes it a gold cost. Usage Costs: (This is where it gets REALLY expensive): Assuming you have a fleet of 10 b1s and you put them into active then lets say it takes an hour (IDK the exact healing rate so I can't give you a real number) then you have already racked up an 10 uranium, 30 fuel, and 190 gold. (55,000 (10 uranium), 2250 (30 fuel), and 190 flat gold charge, this all adds up to a whopping 57,440 gold an hour! (an equation that we will use for the rest of the b1) Now that your fleet of b1s is ready to go you deploy them and it takes 48 (not counting battle time as that is an unknown variable) hours to get there and back. This amounts to a ridiculous 2,757,120 gold. Per battle. for every next battle it will cost, 2: 5,514,240 gold 3: 8,271,360 4: 11,028,480 and for the forced annex: 13,785,600. Now lets assume that you are an OG savage and completely destroyyour opponent and lose no troops. So in total for your first forced annex ever (with your shiny new b1s) it will cost you a whopping 14,936,230 gold. (14.936 million gold). And every forced annexation after that will cost 13,785,600 (assuming you're a champ and never lose a troop and therefore never have to train more). I'm too lazy to do the numbers on defense (F Bunkers and Gearhound warheads) and Endgame offense ( Pacifiers) but I will do them later.
  20. "This is DNN, I am your host Stephanie Jones." The petite blue eyed brunette said in the foreground. "Todays headlines include 'Consumerism and You, a look at Dragonisia's surging economy', 'The Hounds of Alba' Why don't they ever give up?, and 'The Formation of the Elite Guard.' First we go on site to the Dragonisian Federal Reserve." The Chief Dragonomist J.R. Smaug was clearly loathe to leave his place guarding the federal reserve hoard even for a moment. The bronze dragon blending in quite well with the precious metals. The sharply dressed male field reporter nervously approached. The Dragon rumbled beneath the hoard, "What is it you want fleshling?" "We heard consumer savings are at such a high that people are increasing spending on consumer goods hand over fist. What are your thoughts on this?" The man's hand that held the tiny mic was shaking. The gold shifted, "I have more than enough to rest in and guard. I do need some air in here to breathe. I say it is safe for them to increase their spending.. for now. It is apparent they have become very productive. I have never seen my hoard so large. The taxes are quite self-sustaining. Right now the value of our currency to the internal market is not as significant as the commodities from the outside it can purchase, so Dragonisia is very open to trade. If you want to know more, you should talk to the minister of International Commerce. I hear the Black Lady is literally swimming in her imported petrol. I even hear she purchased a small fleet of toy boats to sail on her reserves." The Field Reporter was somewhat relieved and turn to the cameras, "And there you have it. Dragonisia has so much money it literally is struggling to find ways to spend it. Back to you Stephanie." "In Military news, there is word the Black Hounds of Alba have struck again, but were repelled with unprecedented speed. Joining me by teleconference is high General Strigon, Fieldmarshall of the Southern Front." The talking head of a Red Dragon appeared on a monitor to the left of Stephanie. "General, what happened?" "It was simple really," Strigon rumbled. "Our troops are becoming better and better trained. Their performance is improving after the multiple wars we have been through. They now out maneuver and, with the upgrades provided by the new MaelstromVortex.Net Defense apparatus, out gun the enemy. It really is the next age of warfare, the information age. They were engaged and routed within half an hour." "So the Alba threat is eliminated?" She asked. Strigon shook his head, "They're stubborn. They'll be back. The deserts are vast and they'll find a place to regroup beyond even the Apparatus' eyes. We'll just be ready for them, as always." "And what can you tell us about the Elite Guard?" Stephanie smiled. "Not much." The General sighed, "We are working on a crack unit above and beyond our typical teams. But even that much should not have been leaked to the press. Their performance so far has been admirable, but as always there is still much work to be done. I would prefer to avoid details. National security, you know." "I understand. Thank you for your time general." Stephanie smiled. "A pleasure, Ms. Jones." The link closed. "Thank you for tuning to DNN. We'll have more news at 11." She smiled and the camera faded to a commercial.
  21. war

    Well this guy is using exploiting tool I believe. Every war battles, It have the same number of defenses and aggressors (it has different time though.)
  22. please tell me to attack at awar
  23. "Members of the Order!!! The leadership of the Order have been attacked by the tyrannical barbarian, adam200o of KUA. At this moment, he is declaring war on still more nations. Prepare for war, as we do not know if he will strike another of ours. Those of you who would like to take direct action in this conflict, take heed of the following words. The KUA has a significant amount of Gearhound Warheads, making them a dangerous opponent. This coward had dropped in tier to 8, so any who join us must follow him into the eighth tier. Mors Ad Stultitiam! Death to the barbaric enemies of logic, science, and common sense!"-Father Dagon of Transhumania Today the Order was attacked by KUA. We have sat idly biding our time and now that he has made this mistake we will take full force to this scum of scums.. So today we make it official The Order is at war.... Prepare to die, KUA
  24. If you're in tier 7 and your military spending is between 1500-2000 I'll fight you.
  25. HP: 100 Attack: 5 Defense: 4 Speed: 1 Special Traits: Does 30% more damage against armor units.