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How is combat calculated??


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For every defense point or whatever the statistic in blue is called you get 2 DR, and you get DR from units having the damage reduction to friendly units thing. I don't know how base damage is calculated other than it scales based on whether you got a hit or not and how much strength your units has.

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Only the attack roll is randomized (it's essentially a d20 roll with hit, crit, graze, and miss), the damage calculation is not. Just run a few missions and check the combat log and you'll figure it out. You see the stats of the units involved if you click on their names in the combat log and can work from there.

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A combat unit has Str, Spd, Arm, Unit DMG and HP. Actual DMG is different from base Unit DMG.

Each fight is two phases. First one rolls a d20 to determine Hit/Miss/Graze/Crit. The shooters Str adds to said die, victims Spd subtracts. Below 5(?) is a Miss, below 10 is a Graze, above 20 is a Crit for about 130% DMG.

DR(Damage Reduction) = 2 times Arm.

Unit HP is seen easily, Unit DMG is shown only in battle report or actual battle. Unit DMG depends on no luck but on level-up upgrades. DD(Damage Done) depends on luck and some unit stats.

When "Hit":

DD = DMG - 2*Arm

When Graze:

DD = DMG / 2 - 2*Arm

Approximated When Crit:

DD = DMG * 1.3 - 2*Arm


My question is: it looks like Str and Spd die modifiers seem to be calculated in vain. The die effect seems to ignore Srt and Spd.

Here is an anomaly:


Combat Roll

Str:4.2 - Spd:1 = 3.2. Roll:17 + 3.2 = 20.2 (Hit). 

34 - DR:2 = 32 Damage

The modded result is above 20 but only the unmodded die is taken into account. Why does it seem like mods are being ignored? Mind you 34 is the normal DMG this unit has.

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