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BREAKING NEWS: Alon Order Ships Spotted

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Alon Order ships have been spotted heading East towards a nation called Northwest Union.  Alon's President Dawg sent a message to Northwest Union about this situation.  More info coming soon.

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Sectary of Defense Sir Irving: Lord WarHawk a naval fleet from Alon Order is heading our directions.

Lord WarHawk: Send the 3rd Expeditionary fleet to escort them to where ever they are heading. If they wish to arrive at our nation only allow them access to Port Patterson. Inform the authorities at Port Patterson to prepare to fight. Tell them to prepare the anti-ship missiles and artillery also prepare navy ships there. To engage if the signal is given. What a horrible timing our land forces at the moment our preparing for an invasion. Contact @LuciusCornelius if he can spare any troops to protect our coast.

Sectary of Defense Sir Irving: Ok sir. (thinking this will delay the invasion well I hope they only want to refill and leave quickly.)  

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In the office of Lucius Cornelius, Princeps Senatus of the Massanutten Republic, the Praetor Peregrinus requested to speak with the Princeps.

Praetor:  Princeps, we have received word that the Northwest Union is hard pressed and requests our aid in defense of their land.  Our satellites have spotted a fleet of naval vessels travelling from Alon toward the Northwest Union.

Lucius:  This news is unfortunate.  We must defend our allies who have stood with us in the past.  Call the Senate to convene tomorrow to declare war and alert the Augurs and the Pontiffs that the proper rituals must be paid to Jupiter, Mars and Bellona.  Deploy the the 1st Air expeditionary wing and Legio XI VICTRIX.  Hopefully B-2s, F-22s, A-10s and Gearhounds should make them think twice before attacking our friend.  Also, redirect the 3rd Fleet from training to the coast of the Northwest Union. The 8 15-inch diameter rail guns of the SMR Publius Rutilius Rufus and her support cruisers and destroyers should supplement their fleets.  Praetor, what is the status of our orbital bombardment system?

Praetor:  Sir, the Orbital Bombardment System is back to full functionality.  Our satellites are locked on to the ships of Alon.  The newest kinetic impactors are in orbit now as well, incorporating lessons we learned from our recent Civil War, including improved deforming impactors to prevent over penetration in naval combatants to impart all the energy into the target.

Lucius:  Very well, keep me informed.  I shall see you in the Senate Curia for the war vote Praetor.

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In the tallest building in NorthWest Union, Gauiss Tower Lord WarHawk is receiving a security briefing by Sectary of Defense Irving,

Sir Irving: Lord, we have been brought new Intel about the foreign heading towards us. @Alon has sent us this information about this Alon Order fleet and who are they.

On 12/6/2016 at 11:06 AM, Alon said:

6 Years Ago Alon was ruled by a dictatorship called the Alon Order. About 2 years ago the Dictatorship was overthrown and the survivors of the dictatorship went into hiding.  During the military operations, Alon troops discovered and destroyed an Alon Order survivor base.  Multiple bases might be anywhere in Petram.


On 12/6/2016 at 11:27 AM, Alon said:

The Alon Order took over Alon after a massive revolution caused the nation to fall.  The Alon Order reorganized the nation and government.  Everyone thought that there was nothing wrong.  Until the Alon Order began controlling just about every piece of media and what goods should be sold and bought in the nation.  The Alon Order also claimed to be "The Best Facist Nation" and called other Facist Nations "Fake".  This upset people massively and they revolted for the old government to come back.  The revolt succeeded and the Alon Order supporters fled the country.  Recently, Alon Order bases have been discovered in Amarino, and might be in other places in Petram.  Though that has not been confirmed or denied yet by other nations.  If there is, it is recommended to destroy those bases before they cause problems. 

Also we have our much needed reinforcements from our ally Massanutten, and Sylvania has sent his prayers.

Lord WarHawk: We will need those prayers. That fleet is massive from the satellite images. With Massanutten fleet at our side we shall be able to hold them off they intend to attack. But if they do not engage we must follow international law of Freedom of the Seas allow them free passage. If we could send our other fleets from the other side of the country we would be at peace. We really need that canal one day. We need to also ready our main invasion forces against the Stroz Rebel Scum. Also send all available airforce to reinforce Port Patterson.


City of Gauiss below


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23:00 GMT

Yokosukan Presidential Office, Yokosuka, Greater Yokosuka, Yokosuka Empire, Petram

Prime Minister Fegelein sends an email to Lord WarHawk about the Northwest Canal and Stroz.

"Greetings from Yokosuka. It has been noted that you still haven't officially responded about the canal deal I have sent you. I request that you would respond, since the Alonian Order Fleet is still arriving and that I have noticed the need for access between both oceans. I hope that you make the right choice, since the deal seems favorable to both parties. In addition, could Yokosuka Empire help attack Stroz? I know it is sudden, but their lobbyists here in Yokosuka have been going a little bit too far in passing Stroz-friendly legislation in the National Diet. As a decent person, the corruption that Stroz brings to the people of Yokosuka Empire is worsening. With sympathy, Prime Minister Fegelein."


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0100 hours

In a sleek black and gold heavily modified Cessna Citation X flying at 50,000 feet above sea level, speeding near mach one, heading to Cape Aubrey from the City of Gauiss  

(Lord WarHawk being shown satellite images of the Alonian Order Fleet by Sir Irving)

Lord WarHawk: That fleet is massive, the size of it is astounding where in the world they managed they conceive such a large navy?

Sir Irving: From our reports when the Alon Order was in power they nearly bankrupt their country buying naval ships from other nations. Also this group has been helped financially by several terrorism groups. Such as the Bihadj by selling oil and ammunition, and Khev Minosk by supplying man power and those damn Storz Rebel scum by supplying with metal to build those ships. 

Lord WarHawk: They shall face the consequences at a later date, but at moment we must concentrate on that fleet.

Sir Irving: Oh, we also received an email from Prime Minister Fegelein, its about the canal deal

Lord WarHawk: Yes, I read it completely, a very favorable plan, but I sent to Parliament due to the costs and size of the project. The people must have their voices heard. And we must invite other countries to join in to help

Sir Irving: Also @Fegelein has also offered to assist in the invasion due to Stroz Rebels causing corruption.

Lord WarHawk: Wonderful, just wonderful. Respond with much gratitude, we shall conquer the rebels with the Yokosuka Empire, but first to tackle the problems at the hand.

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Alon Order ships have began firing at the beaches of The Northwest Union using Long Ranged Weapons.  The Alon Order have also met one of the Northwest Union Fleets.

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In a heavily fortified bunker in a undisclosed location with High Screen showing images of the battle.

Sir Irving: As you can see Lord WarHawk the enemy sent a large part of the fleet to confront the combined fleet NorthWest Union and the fleet that @LuciusCornelius sent. Then sent a moderate sized fleet to bombard Port Patterson which you can see is trying to hold them off.

Lord WarHawk: How is the fleet doing against them?

Sir Irving: Hold on, Let me in contact with Admiral Sir Cordoba. Officer contact him tell him its Lord WarHawk himself.

Officer: Yes sir(proceeds type quickly and begins to speak through a microphone.) He is on

Sir Irving: Put him on

(An large image of Admiral Sir Cordoba placed on a large screen)

Admiral Sir Cordoba: Greetings, this is Admiral Sir Cordoba,Upon flagship NWUS Gauiss what can I do my Lord?

Lord WarHawk: Greetings Admiral, tell us the status the battle with the Alonian Order Fleet.

Admiral Sir Cordoba: Actually my Lord we are winning heavily we have suffer only 27 injuries and light damage, our fleet alone would had have fought a long battle, but thanks to the Massanutten fleet we will have them on run. 

Lord WarHawk: Great news Admiral we will have a banquet in your honor once this is done.

Admiral Sir Cordoba: Thank you my Lord, but also owe thanks to @LuciusCornelius for sending that navy, the SMR Publius Rutilius Rufus has given them quite a beating.

Lord WarHawk: But of course, we shall have @LuciusCornelius over as well

Admiral Sir Cordoba: I have one concern we have not had contact with Port Patterson at all. Also the enemy fleet had no aircraft nor, landing craft and some cruisers of theirs seemed to be gone.

Lord WarHawk: What?!? Officer try contacting Port Patterson now!

Officer: Yes my Lord, right away my Lord

(Screen shows static and shows explosion and smoke in the background)

Unknown Military officer answers yelling over the noise: This is Sir McAllister stationed at Port Patterson military base who is this.

Sir Irving: Hello this Sectary of Defense Sir Irving and with me is Lord WarHawk, tells us the situation Sir McAllister

Sir McAllister: We are being overrun here, a fleet appear they began firing, so we began firing our M777s, FH77BW L52 sand the Otobreda 127/64s at full power, and launched all available aircraft(explosion in background), then out of nowhere 2 large land forces began attacking our rear and enemy aircraft shot down many our boys.(Loud gunfire) moment we are fighting in complete darkness due we shut off all power as protocol calls and moved all civilians to underground bunkers. Our defense forces at the moment are in combat throughout the city, sadly they have capture most of the artillery. Most of our boys are either dead,injured or captured. I hate saying this we are going to lose Port Patterson.(Shots heards). GAH! (Screen turns off)

Sir Irving: OFFICER! OFFICER! RESPOND!OFFICER MCALLISTER PLEASE RESPOND!(To tech officer) Officer get us contact with Port Patterson now!

Officer: Sorry we have lost all contact with Port Patterson.

Sir Irving: Get us officer satellite images of movement around Port Patterson up to 24 hours back!

Officer: Yes sir!

(Satellite Images show the enemy movements)invasion of Port Patterson.jpg

Lord WarHawk: The Alon Order Fleet sent 2 forces, a battle fleet to engage Port Patterson defense forces, and an amphibious force hit from behind. Then another large land force came in began supporting them. Also a large amount of aircraft came in and pounded our forces. 

Sir Irving: Lord those aircraft and land forces are from the Stroz Rebels!! 

Lord WarHawk: They shall face our wrath, call @Fegelein to prepare an invasion, also call @LuciusCornelius to see if his high tech satellites are able to sink those ships around Port Patterson tell him only the naval ships we can not do a conventional invasion due to the civilians. 

Sir Irving: They seemed to target Port Patterson due to its lack of land route connection with rest of the nation.

Lord WarHawk: Well after this war we will have the territory to create a land route and begin construction of the canal. Call Parliament to prepare the war vote, and place the nation under military economy. The liberation of Port Patterson is our priority.   


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12:00 GMT

Yokosukan Presidential Office, Yokosuka, Greater Yokosuka, Yokosuka Empire, Petram

(sitting on a chair) Prime Minister Fegelein: We've been called to invade Stroz...

Party Leader of Japanese Kokoro Heinrich Himmler: Perfect! We'll use this invasion as a way to exert our power.

Party Leader of the Liberal Social Democratic Party Mikhail Tukhachevsky: We're going to do it like what me and my comrades did with Poland?

Prime Minister Fegelein: Maybe. The Northwest Union would be pissed off though. How about this? How about you bring a vuvuzela and then bombarding Stroz like it was Christmas? Would that satisfy you.

Everyone: Close enough.

Prime Minister Fegelein: Alright, we'll send in 500 marines with 5 Type 90 tanks and 5 Type 89 IFV's. In addition, we'll send in a fleet consisting of:

2 Kongo-class destroyers: IYNS Kongo, IYNS Kirishima

3 Asagiri-class frigates: IYNS Asagiri, IYNS Yamagiri, IYNS Yugiri

5 Sugashima-class minesweepers: IYNS Sugashima, IYNS Notojima, IYNS Tsunoshima, IYNS Naoshima, IYNS Toyoshima

2 Mitsubishi SH-60 helicopters for anti-submarine warfare

5 Mitsubishi F-2 fighter

Prime Minister Fegelein: Any questions?

Party Leader of the Liberal Social Democratic Party Mikhail Tukhachevsky: You forgot the vuvuzela.

Party Leader of the Liberal Democratic Komeito Emperor Hirohito: Did we also forget the invisible firecrackers?

Party Leader of the Ishin Seito Shimpu Khamis Muammar al-Gaddafi: Yeah, we did. 

Prime Minister Fegelein: Alright, we bring those. :)

Party Leader of the New Renaissance Party Dawgie: You forgot something!

Everyone else: What else could we forget?

Party Leader of the New Renaissance Party Dawgie: You, and the C4s!

Everyone else: What could we even use it for?

Party Leader of the New Renaissance Party Dawgie: You, to inspire your troops to fight hard! The C4s will be to blow up their airfield so that they can't launch air raids!

Prime Minister Fegelein: Risky, but I like it! Let's enact this in the National Diet!

Everyone leaves the presidential office except for Dawgie.

Party Leader of the New Renaissance Party Dawgie: They will never know...they will never know...until it's too late...

The bill is passed for war with Stroz, as preparations for invasions begin.


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Alon ships have arrived from behind the Alon Order and begun firing at the Alon Order.

Admiral Berlin of the Alon Navy: Hello?  Testing! Trying to contact Northwest Union. Is this working?

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Admiral Berlin: We are the Alon Navy here to help you fight our dreaded enemy, The Alon Order.  We have a small navy, but are ready to help.

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While the naval battle was being engaged between the Northwest Union and the Alon Order the satellites of Massanutten sailed overhead silently.  With additiional targeting information patched in from the attack submarine SSN Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus and several UAV's deployed by the surface fleet, the orbital bombardment system used its AI to pick the most vital targets of the enemies fleet.  The RCS system of the OBS satellite pitched it retrograde and the final downlink of information was downloaded into the impactors.  One by one the impactors released, fired their retro rockets, and then pitched over nose first into the atmosphere.  The impactors, 12 in all, proceeded toward their targets at nearly 17,000 miles per hour, their noses white hot from reentry.  The ships of the Alon Order fired wildly at the incoming rounds but their defenseive weapons were calibrated to defend against ship to ship missiles at 1,500mph not orbital weapons at 17,000mph.  The impactors began to strike and as they hit the ships they deformed and released all of their energy into the inner hulls of the vessels.  One lucky impactor caught the fuel oil compartment of an Alon Order destroyer and ignited it, causing a massive fireball.  All told  8 of the 12 impactors found their targets and all 8 that hit either sunk the vessel or caused critical damage.  

Meanwhile on board the SMR Publius Rutilius Rufus, the ships 8 15-inch rail guns were hard at work.  The sonic crack of the guns sending their projectiles downrange was deafening.  The high density tungsten sabot projectiles were infrared and GPS guided and fin stabilised with a range of nearly 200 miles.  The Rutilius Rufus could fire as many as 16 per minute and at a velocity of 5000mph and she didn't have to worry about running out of electricity as her twin nuclear reactors were more than up to the task.  Above the battleship flew 6 F-22's in pairs in a CAP denying the airspace to any enemy aircraft within 100 miles of the Massanutten fleet.

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Upon the flagship NWUS Gauiss which is rapidly firing its twelve 25 inched guns at the Alon Order battleships, launching guided missiles, destroying any torpedoes threatening any allied ship with anti torpedo torpedo and destroying any missile close enough at the same time 

(Naval Officers running around giving coordinates) Admiral Cordoba: Impressive display of Massanutten technology, Contact all other ships, we are going to pull back in order to test our weapon. We don't want any of our allies caught in the crossfire of improved EMP guided missile which will leave all ships without any electricity and make them sitting ducks. Any flying aircraft will drop like rocks.

Meanwhile at Port Patterson

The people of Port Patterson are organizing themselves with weapons and taking up urban guerrilla warfare inflicting high causalities on Stoz and Alon Order troops.

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As fleet did a tactical retreat NWUS Gauiss fired its EMP missile, the missile flew high in the atmosphere above the stratosphere, soaring pass the mesosphere and into the Thermosphere  almost reaching the Exosphere and turning back to Earth. Soaring back to Earth breaking Mach 20 making multiple sonic booms. The missile exploded right above the Alon Order Fleet, knocking down several aircraft down to the water and disabling the rest of the Alon Order Fleet

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Alon Order Launches Super Torpedo.


Report: An Alon ship was destroyed by a powerful torpedo.  The torpedo was so powerful that no one was able to get off the ship before it exploded into a massive fire ball.

Admiral Berlin: I hate to say that 150 crew members have been blown up by a massive torpedo.  The torpedo was really powerful and was undetected until it hit the ship.  Hopefully we can win this fight before they launch another

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20:30 GMT

All of Yokosuka learned of the defeat of the Alonian Order Fleet, which was celebrated with a lot of fireworks. A LOT. And lots and lots of partying. However, it wasn't necessarily big as Yokosuka Empire wasn't directly involved in the conflict, but was grateful. Prime Minister stated in a speech: "The people of Yokosuka would like to thank Massanutten, Northwest Union, and Alon for their brave efforts to defeat the dictatorial Alonian Order and Stroz in one of the most remarkable naval battles in history. All men that have died, died not in vain, but for the freedom of others so that they may live in liberty for the future. Therefore, I would like to award the Order of the Rising Sun to Admiral Berlin of the Alonian Navy, Admiral Cordoba of the Northwest Union Navy, and Princeps Senatus Lucius Cornelius. They have served Petram well in the defense of liberty and all that is right.  I would also like to award the crewmen, both living and deceased of the coalition fleet, the Medal of Honor. Out of deep respect for your services, each member of the National Diet as well as the Prime Minister will personally write letters to each crewmen, officer, and awardee of the Order of the Rising Sun, whether living or dead. Again, the people and I owe you a huge favor. Thank you, and good night."

In the meantime, the Imperial Yokosukan Navy was nearing to a close in its preparations for invasion. It will take merely several days until all preparations are ready for the invasion of Stroz. The aircraft carrier was, of course, still at work, but is currently halfway done.

2:30 GMT

A small fleet of fishing boats was fishing in the Sea of Ghosts, looking for some delicious fish to catch and take home for sale and consumption. However, it was stormy and the ship captains met in the largest of them.

Captain 1: Ugh, this storm won't let us get some fish!

Captain 2: I heard we will get reprimanded by the government for failing them...

Captain 3: Will they take away our status?

Captain 2: I don't know...

Captain 4(looking out into the stormy ocean): HEY! YOU SHOULD LOOK AT THIS!

Captain 5: What is it?

Captain 4: I see, a fleet?

Captain 3: Another fishing fleet?

Captain 4: No, I see...oh Lord...

Captain 2: Spit it out!


Captain 3: Preposterous! Let me take those binos!

Captain 3 then saw the fleet, armoured like knight's armour, large as a swarm of ants, terrifying like the Grim Reaper. 

Captain 3: All captains to their decks, sail back to port!

Captain 1: You didn't check to see if they were of Yokosuka?

Captain 3: I already checked...all I saw was this:



The captains got to their respective bridges, and tried to get everyone out of the way of the fleet. They were unheard of again, as the warships took down the fishing boats, and sailed on.

3:00 GMT 

???: Let's the party get started, shall we?

The unknown person would take out a C4 detonator, and grin.


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