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How to win a The Impenetrable Norrland Wall mission.

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OK, i have put together a guide of how to win a The Impenetrable Norrland Wall mission, and here it is, along with one I have recently won. Here is the link: https://app.nationsgame.net/battle/17846

OK, so you need to have at least 6 heals on hand, and an adiquate amount of funds to use them.

It is also nice to have a resolve battle, which you get free once a day, from the coin shop and can be gotten from mystery boxes.

You need some firepower, the kind that can 3 shot a concrete bunker. I myself have a T72 for this. (Firepower battle juice is a good thing to throw on ant firepower units you have), and MAKE SURE that this unit also has at least 2-3 manuver, or it will constantly miss. (any unit with 1-2 Manuver will do that.

You need to be able to take damage, so Plump tanks and T72s are very good things to have on this mission. Never use infantry, unless they are very OP. Also, It is best to use Plumps that are at least level 5, or add about 10 extra heal boosts. 

Also, DO NOT USE AIR UNITS. I have the Tuguska's that I use for Venland airspace violation missions, and with 4 Firepower they can do a good 40 damage. 

Last but not least, if you want to win you MUST do this WITHOUT EXEPTION. You must listen to this song throughout the whole battle or ALL OF YOU UNITS WILL DROP DEAD. 

(OK, maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but it's still a cool song.)

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4 hours ago, ccloughley said:

Intriguing. Would like super overpowered secret agents do the trick?

Hmm.... 100-130 HP, 8-12 firepower Overpowered? Probably. Would want to keep quite a few heals on hand tho.

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