1912: An Alternate Petram RP

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The year is 1912 and it has been many years since The Global War between The Chigonian Empire and the Burgian Empium.  Both Empires dominate the world and try to wipe each other out.  Smaller nations don't have a chance to rise unless they somehow manage to defeat The Chigonians or the Burgians.  Can you lead your nation to victory in this chaotic world?


Historical Changes

192 BC Chigonian Empire Tind Invasion got the nation back to domination.

1542 AD Durenburg and Oldenburg begins the Burgian Empium. 

1852-1899 AD The Two Superpowers enter a period of war known as the Global War, millions die.

1900 The Two Superpowers become the most dominant figures in history.


NPC's (Controlled by me) 

Chigonian Empire

Burgian Empium






Yamato Tribes




Rules and Tips 

1. The Chigonian Empire and Burgian Empium are too powerful for you to take on.  They can crush you if they think you are a threat. Be careful.

2. You can ally with NPC's and the 2 Superpowers to protect yourself and help a superpower fight another.

3. The Maximum Amount of land you start of with is 50 km with a population of 2 Million.

4. You start off with a small army.

5. No OP Weapons.

6. Each nation can get nukes, but it takes 5 days to build 1.

7. You can declare on NPC'S.

8. And the Superpowers hate each other and will go against each other at anything.

9. A day in RL is a Month.

10. Olympics are held every Year.  With the winner getting a huge reward.

11. If I missed anything, just Tell me.  And I will put it on here.

Have fun. :)

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On 2017年9月10日 at 1:23 PM, Fegelein said:

(Not even sure why it's 1912.  Though screw it, RP time!)

The reason it is 1912 is because the two nations are powerful colonial powers that have defeated enemies in the most impossible odds.  They became powerful really early and noone would stand up to them before they became a huge threat.  Once they realized these two nations got exetremely powerful, it was already too late.  A massive trench war occured between the two and the war ended in a stalemate because they matched each other.


The Importance of Trench Warfare in this RP

Trench Warfare will be the main warfare for this RP.  The Chigonians and Burgians already have thousands of miles of trenches in all 5 Continents while other nations havent even started work on trenches.  It is suggested that when you start you begin work on trenches.  They can help in this RP GREATLY.



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6 minutes ago, Fegelein said:

But trenches were as old as Rome...

They weren't widely used in our world until World War 1 Occured.

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