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Looking for a new alliance? What's left..., might be just the alliance for you! We are a united alliance that will help build the economical and technological advancements of your nation! While being open to ideas we will we have a small alliance court. These people will be chosen once the number of nations in the alliance exceeds 10. The court will be aloud to make large decisions for the alliance based on every vote but, each decision can be over ruled by the court if it includes: out of game chat, kicking court members, and alliance defense.  


1. Leaving the alliance to spy on other alliances is completely prohibited.

Reason: Doing this could possibly start wars and will worry other alliances. Doing this will lead to being permanently kicked from the alliance. (Most be proven on forums)

2. No going to war with nations that are several tiers above you or thousands of military gp above you.

Reason: Pointless war will lead to being kicked from the alliance.

3. Think.

Reason: If your in a war don't invite smaller nations to a large war with out consulting with them about it.

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