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Sugarcane Idea

(I know this looks hard to read but just bear with me ok?)

Do you know just how much sugarcane an average middle-class person consumes?? Well, I don’t either but it has come to my attention of how integrated it is in our lives, and it’s abundance as a naturally produced resource makes it a perfect consumer good. First off, you’ll likely want to know if it is replensible or require a harvester to get. And it’s actually both, and don’t worry, I’ll explain later. Let start with how you can obtain it. First there is A tech you’ll need to research, and you will need to build a Hub of Commerce(5700 money, 3240 construction material, and 140 metal | will be available at tier 3). The technology is Sugar Crop and Refinery - Description: Cultivating sugarcane and sugar beet and refining it sounds pretty sweet.

Requires lvl 2 Research lab and lvl 1 Bio Lab. You may notice that these are relatively easy to obtain, and in fact, obtained very early in the game. I’ve decided that this will help anyone struggling to get on their feet(after tier 3, the population will need consumer goods), and help them began to adapt to [my] newer concepts. Now I will tell you there is a special item you need for it. It’s alot like halite if you were in 1.0 or Oil Driller and what it will be is you can buy a special Sugar Harvester item for 250 money, and it will have a 30% to find up to 40 tons of sugarcane and 45 tons of sugarbeet. There will also be a 15% chance of finding up to 10km of Sugarloam and 25% chance of finding up to 10km of Milklime Sand(Couldn’t find a legit single soil sugar beets grow on so used a refinery process as a name). You can build a SugarCane Processor using 4km of Sugarloam and a SugarBeet Processor with 5 km of Milklime Sand. A SugarCane Processor costs 713 money, 324 construction material, 80 Metal and produces 2 SugarCane. The requirement is 8 money and 5 power. The SugarBeet Processor costs 688 money, 301 construction material, and 79 metal to build, and has a input requirement of 7 money and 5 power. It also has a output of 2 SugarBeet. They both have a production capacity of 24. Does it all make sense now? Now you will have some SugarCane or SugarBeet and you need to turn it into raw material. This is where the SugarCane Refinery or SugarBeet Refinery comes in. SugarCane Refineries will cost 845 money, 324 construction material, and 147 Metal. They take a ton of sugarcane and with a input of 8 money and 5 power, produce 7 Food and 3 Consumer Goods. This may not be alot considering how many words I typed steps this took. But this is actually very stackable, and will likely be a primary source for many newer nations, and will likely stay that way for a long time. Anyway the beet root Refinery is similar coming in at 804 Money, 289 construction material, and 133 Metal. Input is 7 money and 5 power. (the fact that they are the same as the processor factories is totally not connected in any way) Output is 6 Food and 2 Consumer Goods. Yes, they do have different outputs in the end of the day. Both have a production capacity of 48. NOW we get to the part on if your nation will even have any.


WestBerg: Yellow for Cane, Red for Beet. Guaranteed 2 Beet Processor and 3 Cane Processors. Not really meant to be a debuff. Acceptable amount of Cane will be found with Sugar Harvester later. Guaranteed means you’ll have at least that much after 6 Expand Borders


Amarino: No Cane, Green for Beet. Guaranteed 6 Beet Processors. Not anything unexpected, and I was just trying to be realistic. Expect lots of raw material, but not too much growing land.


San Sebastian: Red for Cane, Yellow for Beet Guaranteed 1 Cane, 4 Beet, expect more in land gaining items. Yellow seems terrible as lot’s of players use San Sebastian and they’ll want CGs, but it really could be green. To be honest San Sebastian would likely have the most sugar farms in real life only rivaled by Amarino, but because I’m trying to be fair, i’m going to keep it at yellow

(no favoritism for my nation’s region involved.)


Tind: Hmm, Tind could probably use a buff, but tbh you don’t see too much sugar growing around, but SugarCane is a little bit more tolerant to cold, so Yellow for Cane, Red for Beet.

Guaranteed 3 Cane, 1 Beet. Expect a ton more if you constantly expand your borders.  


Zaheria: Ahh...finally. Good ol’ Zaheria. Well, it’s not called MilkLime Sand without a reason. I know I shouldn't be giving Zaheria so much, but really it’s the only way to help it get more

players. Perhaps Stain decided that not alot of people should have it, but it could change the gameplay if I make it right. Anyhow No Cane, Green for Beet. Guaranteed 6 beets. Hmm... There will be little to none of the raw stuff, but you’ll probably find at least enough for 1 every 2 Expand Borders. That some make Zaheria a teensy bit more easier.


Notice: They should give you the idea of how domestication will work, and sooner or later i’ll be faced with having to create breeding, domestication, which is probably self-explanatory. I’ll follow this one up basically with being able to breed* new animals. There will be a whole other system for exotic animals, and i’m not even done brainstorming how to make a zoo or national park work…

This took way longer than I expected too anyway. I also would have done a Christmas Special but welp.Maybe if you guys pester me enough i’ll make one, but don’t expect too much.  


Anyhow before any of that i’m hoping to finish up the Driven Abyss Contract and Naval Concepts. Like I said before i’m a definitely not very active, and progress will be slow. Sorry.


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On 1/12/2018 at 5:11 PM, Fegelein said:

Congrats Anonymous. There is this good mapper out there that did this AFoE.

I'm still confused on what your talking about, what do you mean?

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